Thesis on cdo thin films

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Thesis Zno Thin Films

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Thesis On Thin Film

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Electrodeposition a liquid electrochemical deposition methods, history has been preparing various polycrystalline thin films and nanostructures. Sn deposited by [5] using atmospheric pressure metalorganic chemical vapour deposition technique, showed that the highly transparent and conductive CdO: About 1g of Cadmium was placed on a boat and then the chamber covered tightly and evacuated.

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Additionally, La-doped CdO thin films (1%, 5%, and 7%) have a slightly higher lattice parameter and decrease the intrinsic energy gap from eV to eV compared to undoped CdO. The La-doped CdO films were degenerate semiconductors upto the atomic percentage of La dopant with 7%, beyond which the films were converted into a non-degenerate.

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CdO thin films were deposited by varying the molar concentrations of cadmium acetate solution such as,and M. X-ray diffraction studies reveal that the films are polycrystalline in nature with cubic structure.

Thesis on cdo thin films
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