The historical antecedents of psychological testing

Significant contributions to the trait theory of personality during the 20th Century include the work of McDougallThurstoneGordon Allport, Raymond Catell, Hans Eysenckand John Digman Whereas intelligence tests measured ability or potential, personality tests measured presumably stable characteristics or traits that theoretically underlie behavior.

Testing Psychology Tests play a major role in most areas of psychology, and the history of psychological testing is in fact intertwined with the history of psychology as a field.

How will Susan decide which ten to hire. A representative sample is one that comprises individuals similar to those for whom the test is to be used. The standardization sample was increased to include 16 Chapter 1 Introduction people, original items were revised, and many new items were added.

Furthermore, the scoring of projective tests is often subjective. The authors of the MMPI, by contrast, argued that the meaning of a test response could be determined only by empirical research. The new Standford-Binet consisted of 90 items and it was suitable for those with mental retardation, children, and both normal and superior adults DuBois, ; Gregory, Over the next few years, Galton attempted to measure innate mental capacity in an effort to quantify human superiority.

While all subjects recognized the number, with a mask individual differences emerged in the time taken to detect the number.

Psychological Testing and Assessment (12e)

Wilhelm Wundt, who set up a laboratory at the University of Leipzig inis credited with founding the science of psychology, following in the tradition of Weber and Fechner Hearst, Standardized achievement tests caught on quickly because of the relative ease of administration and scoring and the lack of subjectivity or favoritism that can occur in essay or other written tests.

He was a very bright child and his mother decided to send him off to Paris to study at the age of The ambiguous stimulus might be an inkblot, a drawing, a photograph, or something else.

However, the importance of obtaining a standardization sample that represents the population for which a test will be used has sometimes been ignored or overlooked by test users.

Psychological testing

Charles Spearman describes his two-factor theory of mental abilities. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is published. Clearly, it is not appropriate to compare an individual with a group that does not have the same characteristics as the individual. Assessment was also an important activity at the first experimental psychology laboratory, founded at the University of Leipzig in Germany by Wilhelm Max Wundta medical doctor whose title at the university was professor of philosophy.

Sir Francis Galton [ edit ] Galton was originally trained in medicine in London, Cambridge and Birmingham until inheriting a considerable fortune at the age of twenty-two. Such testing was modified and refined over the centuries until written exams were introduced in the Han dynasty.

Psychological nativism

Bythe Binet-Simon Scale had been substantially improved. Besides his important influence in eugenics and heredity, as reflected by his work Hereditary Genius and Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its DevelopmentGalton also studied a wide variety of subjects.

Cattell continued studying reaction times to measure individual differences Gregory, Only eight years after the publication of Binets scale, the eld of psychology was being criticized for being too test oriented Sylvester, Other applied branches of psychology—such as industrial, counseling, educational, and school psychology—soon began to blossom.

Learn more Custom Publications Browse through our list of published titles. At Cambridge, Cattell came in contact with Galton, whom he later described as the greatest man I have known Roback,p.

People are out to get me. Bythe Binet-Simon Scale had been substantially improved. Personality tests measure typical behavior.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

Morgan, and their colleagues at the Harvard Psychological Clinic. Psychology also has many applied aspects. The Wechsler-Bellevue scale contained several interesting innovations in intelligence testing.

The Emergence of New Approaches to Personality Testing The popularity of the two most important projective personality tests, the Rorschach and TAT, grew rapidly by the late s and early s, perhaps because of disillusionment with structured personality tests Dahlstrom, a.

At an exhibition in London inGalton displayed his Anthropometric Laboratory where, for three or four pencedepending on whether you were already registered or notyou could be measured on variables such as height standingheight sittingarm span, weight, breathing capacity, strength of pull, strength of squeeze, swiftness of blow, keenness of sight, memory of form, discrimination of color, and steadiness of hand.

Table of Content. Preface P A R T -- 1 FUNCTIONS AND ORIGINS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING 1 Nature and Use of Psychological Tests 2 Historical Antecedents of Modern Appropriate for undergraduate/graduate courses in psychological testing, tests and measurements, and test construction.

This classic, authoritative introduction to psychological testing is widely hailed for its broad coverage and ability to cover "graduate school" topics in I.

Psychological Testing and Assessment, 11th Edition

FUNCTIONS AND ORIGINS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING. 1. Nature and Use of Psychological Tests. 2. Historical Antecedents of Modern Testing. II. TECHNICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES. 3. Norms and the Meaning of Test Scores.

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4. Reliability. 5. Validity: Basic This classic, authoritative introduction to psychological testing is widely hailed for its broad coverage and its ability to cover "graduate school" topics in terms that one with little testing experience can PSYC Spring Historical Antecedents of Research Methods Historical Antecedents of Modern Testing • Classification and Training of MR Individuals • 19 th century – Growing concern for proper care of individuals dealing with mental Psychological Testing Everyone has exposure to some type of testing.A test is a procedure to measures an individual’s traits, abilities, or performance through an examination, interview, or

The historical antecedents of psychological testing
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